CGUI a GUI lib in C

- a library for making graphical user interfaces (GUI)
by Christer Sandberg
Get the latest version from the download page. The documentation is available in the package, as well as here, change list here.

In case you are a MSVC user and for some reason is not capable to build CGUI using the makefile in the package we provide this MSVC6 project file and MSVC8 to build CGUI.
Info about the MSVC6 project file.

What is CGUI?

CGUI is a library that provides you with a set of C-functions to create GUI applications, i.e. windows and window controls like buttons, check-boxes, menus, input boxes etc. Some links:

Needing for CGUI?

CGUI requires Allegro. If you succeeded in building and installing Allegro from sources, then it should be no problem builing and installing CGUI. The build for CGUI has been tested on Linux (gcc), DOS(DJGPP) and win32(mingw32, MSVC6 and Cygwin), but in principal can be used on any platform where Allegro works.

Trouble with CGUI?

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